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Blogging / Sponsorship

I’m always looking for partnerships to create amazing content with.

I‘m interested in helping you tell your unique story or the story of your business, and encouraging others to explore what you have to offer.

Travel Blog / Sponsorship

I’m always looking for partnerships to create amazing content with.

I’m interested in helping you tell your unique story or the story of your business, and encouraging others to explore what you have to offer.

What I Offer

Let Me Learn About Your Brand

While I do have a few niches I spend the majority of my time working in, I’m happy to hear about any project in any industry. If I believe I can provide value to you, I’ll discuss the opportunity to work with you!

I’ve worked with many brands outside my core niches. A few include:

  • MedSpa
  • NGO / Non-Profits
  • CBD
  • Cannabis
  • Rehab Centers
  • Dental / Healthcare Centers
  • Real Estate
  • Apparel Brands
  • Education

My Primary Niches

Health and Beauty / MedSpa

My primary writing niche is in the health and beauty.

My history in this industry is looong. In my 20s, I was a Registered Massage Therapist and I managed a destination / day spa. This experience gave me skills to write about the wellness and spa industry, customer service, and the hotel industry.

I also spent 3 years teaching in the Health Sciences and Massage Therapy departments at a local college.

My experience in this area has landed me many roles in this industry – and I absolutely LOVE it.

Want compelling, engaging blogs, website copy, emails, and product descriptions? I’m your girl!



Spa Sponsorship Opportunities

I’m available to provide spas in the Calgary area with reviews, experiential writing, treatment descriptions, social media packages based on my personal experiences, and other forms of content. Please enquire as to how we can work together!

Traveling and Travel Writing

Whether it is travel planning, accommodations, transportation, food, or experiences, I am the girl to help share your brand with the world.

I have a deep love for service and philanthropic travel and would be happy to discuss highlighting your NGO or non-profit service trips.

Other Things That Are Important to Me
  • Travel wardrobes
  • Travel supplies / conveniences
  • Helpful tips and services
  • Luggage and gear
  • Safety abroad
  • and more…
What Do I Offer You?

I’m an experienced and confident traveler with a keen eye for finding moments that inspire.

I also offer beautiful photography that is professional yet also personal and relatable. I travel solo, but prefer to travel with a friend or two, and also enjoy traveling with my college-aged daughter. I believe my demographic as well as hers allow me to showcase very unique experiences and we make an awesome travel duo. We are both very willing and experienced travelers who love to explore and enjoy whatever life sends our way.


For more information on any of the above, including current availability and rates, please email me at


Contact me for speaking engagements about freelancing, travel, social justice & racism, faith, family life and parenting, and other interesting topics about things my journey has taught me.  

Why Work With Me?

It’s a great question, and the answer is: diversity of experience, and depth of integrity.

There are lots of great writers, but few have the depth of experience I have in various fields and areas of education. I have the desire and ability to write in ways that captivate audiences with the intention to create change in perspective. If it matters to you that people have life-changing experiences they want to tell their friends about, we have the opportunity to create something amazing together.

I’m young enough to be relevant, and work hard to remain that way. However, I’m old enough to have many life experiences, both good and bad, to draw upon in my work.


Amy’s ingenuity, integrity, and leadership are second to none. She was an invaluable resource and support. There was nothing I needed help with that she didn’t add extreme value. She is trustworthy, focused, decisive, eloquent, grounded, and attentive to every detail. She is always willing to go the extra mile.

Melony Bishop, Liquid Church

My son was greatly impacted by the unique perspective that Mrs. Shepley shared when she spoke to his sophomore class in chapel. He came home from school and was excited to share with us how much Miss Shepley's story had impacted his perspective on staying the course during difficult times.

Shannon Dalton, Parent

Amy demonstrated extensive knowledge of project management tools and techniques, as well as superb communication skills. In particular, working within a fast-paced, multi-faceted organization, Amy’s focus and strategic way of thinking brought outstanding results to on-going projects, as well as daily operations.

Suzi Soares, Liquid Church

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