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Our Story

Hi, we’re Amy & Yusuph Tandiko, owners and operators of It’s Your Girl, Amy Content Creation Agency. Our clients know us as hard-working creatives helping other people grow their businesses, but our family and friends would tell you we are kind, compassionate, and always looking for ways to use our time, talents, and money to improve our communities.

On this page, you’ll learn about our life project. This is a project we expect to work on for many years of our lives, and that our children will be able to participate in as well.

Life Project: Renovate and improve upon conditions at Kashato Primary School, the rural school Yusuph attended in southwestern Tanzania.



Kashato Primary School

Kashato Primary School teaches kids from Kindergarten to Grade 7. It is located in Mpanda, Katavi, on the southwestern border of Tanzania, in east Africa.

Mpanda is a beautiful, thriving community, but government resources for funding the education system can be unequal and lacking, creating education inequality.

When children don’t have access to sufficient education, it can perpetuate cycles of poverty.

Thankfully, it only takes relatively small amounts of money to make a very big difference at Kashato.


How Are We Helping


School grounds and bathrooms require simple yet immediate clean up and repairs.


Classrooms and administration buildings need paint, fixtures, and furniture to serve the school population.


Limited books, science equipment, & basic classroom supplies create disparity in education equality.


The school kitchen requires repairs and new equipment, and children require daily meals.

Our Life Project

Long before we married, we bonded over a common interest: strengthening communities by giving back to organizations that support the needs of children. We’ve worked together developing projects that have benefitted orphans, children and families touched by poverty, mothers who are struggling to feed their children, kids and families affected by cancer, and school kids that need love and attention.

But our greatest desire is to look back on our own history and open our eyes to see places and people who can be blessed as a result of our fortunate lives here in Canada. Tanzania is home; a place of love, warmth, and riches we cannot describe.

However, the disparity in funding for children can be heartbreaking. It has surely broken our hearts many, many times.

We invite you to join us in working towards our life goal of transforming Yusuph’s first school into a place where education looks a little more like the world-class schools that the children in our community are fortunate to attend. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Population of Tanzania

Average daily wage for the majority of people living in Tanzania is $6.60 CAD per day.

Homeless Children in Tanzania

Familial abuse and families abandoned by fathers often contribute this crisis.

Orphans in Tanzania

HIV/Aids crisis is a major contributing factor. Impoverished families may surrender children when they cannot afford to feed or care for their kids.

Uneducated Women in Rural Areas

A mere 32% of high school aged girls enrol, as many do not qualify due to minimum grade requirements, lack of funds, pregnancy, or early marriages.

Yearly School Fees

$65 CAD can be unaffordable for the millions of families that live on less than $7 a day.

Students at Kashato School

Classrooms are overcrowded with as many as 75 kids receiving instruction in the same classroom at one time.

School Teachers and Staff

Teachers are typically responsible for instructing as many as 75 children at a time with no support staff and limited supplies.

Meals served at Kashato each year

There is an obvious need for an ongoing supply of food, propane, electricity, water, and cooking equipment.

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact

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