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For a long, long time, you would have called me exceptionally ordinary.

I grew up in a little town and worked in pretty ordinary places. I bought a house right across the street from my mom. You get the idea. But then something magical happened.

I moved to New York City (ok, ok, the suburbs, but still). When you move to a place like NYC, there’s no way around it; your perspectives change, you meet lots of new people, and you have really interesting experiences and opportunities.

I’ve had opportunities that have allowed me to travel to some cool places with even cooler people. I met some of my best friends on these adventures and learned a lot along the way, too.


So, even though I have a very average name, and I had a very average upbringing, I managed to find myself in some very interesting situations. And today, I find myself very capable of saying, I am not your average Amy.

I’m not saying there was anything wrong with my ordinary life, or yours. But… I do believe that we all need and are designed for a certain amount of adventure.

‘Why?’ you ask…

Because adventure is beneficial for us in almost every way imaginable.

How is adventure good for us?

Adventure makes us smarter! We have to think and use new parts of our brains.

It helps us release stress (especially if it is travel-related), and can even be good for our physical health if our bodies have to try new things, too!

Who I am today is a woman who is not afraid to try. I’m not afraid to travel (even alone!) and I’m not afraid to do scary things.

Why does this matter to you?

Because these experiences of stretching myself and leaning in to fear, adventure, excitement, and all things ‘new’ has made me very good at telling a story.

If you’re struggling to tell yours, let me give it a go! 

At the very least, let’s get on a phone call and learn about each other. You can tell me about your content needs and I’ll tell you how I can help.

If you ask me about the scariest situation I’ve ever been in, the craziest thing I’ve eaten, or the most amazing person I know, I’ll be glad to tell you those stories, too.

I’m a mom to Laine and a sister, daughter, aunt, granddaughter, and friend (to all). I’m passionate about helping people take steps that help them grow.

I’m so thankful you are here.




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